The Journey Part 2: Prohormones Explained

personal trainer las vegas explains the use of prohormones


The Journey Part 2: Prohormones and what they do!

Welcome back to part 2 of the journey. In part 1 we covered what prohormones are and how these powerful little pills can benefit you in making lean muscle gains. In this article we will go over: what types of mass building prohormones there are, the safest supplements for building muscle, and the best supplements for getting cut.

There are 2 types of prohormones, wet and dry, what does this mean?

Wet Prohormones:

Well, wet prohormones unlike their dry counterparts give more muscle gains, and that what it’s all about right?

However, along with more muscle gains also comes water weight, hence the name wet prohormone. Now, this isn’t particularly a bad thing, as you will gain more muscle mass and look huge in any whatever you wear!

The main problem associated with wet compounds is the estrogenic side effects they can produce, however with an anti-estrogen taken alongside the prohormone this side effect is eliminated. There’s no need to worry about growing a set of breasts!

A product such as M1D Andro is perfect as not only does it contain a powerful wet prohormone it also contains an anti-estrogen, keeping those side effects at bay.Andro Platinum Series

Dry Prohormones:

Dry compounds such as 1-Androstenolone are not to be dismissed though, not only will you make lean muscle gains, your strength will also sky rocket. Much like wet compounds these prohormones are very powerful, but unlike them you will not gain any water weight, all the gains you make will be lean, hard, and visible without needing to lose the excess water. Strength will also increase to godlike levels leaving you with a feel good attitude in and out of the gym.

They are the two main categories in which prohormones come under, you can choose either a wet compound or a dry compound, however, some guys also stack both of these compounds, this creates an extremely strong cycle with all the benefits of the wet compound, along with the muscle hardening and strength gains of the dry compound.

Methods of delivery:

As well as prohormones being split in to either the dry category or the wet category, there is also another sub category, the orally ingested pill form, or the sublingually ingested liquid or caplet form.

Understanding what both of these do will help you decide which is the best delivery method for you to use.


Swallowing a prohormone in pill form is the most traditional way of taking a prohormone; it’s easy and requires no effort. You simply wake up in the morning, eat your breakfast and swallow a muscle pill! That’s what made these some of the best supplements for bodybuilding.

The problem with the traditional method of using pills is they have to pass through your liver, this requires them to be broken down, resulting in part of the prohormone being lost, therefore your body absorbs a smaller dose than you swallowed. That means, less gains!

Prohormones in pill form, however, are still very powerful and when dosed correctly can still produce great results.


The sublingual delivery system reigns superior when compared with the traditional way of taking a prohormone. More absorption and therefore more muscle and strength gains is a win in anybody’s book!

When using a liquid or caplet prohormone that needs to be ingested sublingually such as Epi Andro you will get an immediate boost of strength and feel fantastic within minutes. Much more of the prohormone, is absorbed straight in to the blood stream, leading to quicker results. Another benefit is less of the prohormone has to pass through the liver so less has to be broken down and wasted before it can get to work, this also makes it one of the safest supplements for building muscle.

You should now have more of an understanding on what types of prohormones there are and what they do, with this information you can make a more informed decision on what to take and how it will affect your muscle and strength.

Whatever way you look at it, it’s clear stacking both a wet and dry compound for a cycle with a powerful anti-estrogen is going to create the best gains, on top of that; ingesting this combination sublingually will produce amazing results you won’t get any other way.

Enjoy the journey!

Keeping my eye on you in health, fitness, and supplementation 😉

Mark Lani CPT, CSN
Certiifed Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutritionist