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Sleep More, Weigh Less

I often work with clients who for  one reason or another, do not get enough sleep each evening. They generally have the time to sleep but would rather stay awake. Just like working out and eating healthy, you sleep patterns can make or break your results. Many people think that sleep is an optional thing and feel that they are more productive with more hours added to their day. The opposite is true! Check out this informative article on the importance of sleep and fat loss. It’s true: Being short…

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Five Emotional Poisons Making You Look OLD & SICK

emotional poisons that effect your training and life

Most fitness professional don’t have the courage to say what I’m about to say to you right now. It’s not that they don’t care, or have your best interests in mind… But it tends to be VERY uncomfortable territory. As you read through this take the time to “think” about whether or not these 5 emotional poisons have held you back, or hindered your health, like they have me and countless others! 5 “Emotional” Poisons Making You Look OLD & SICK #1: Guilt Guilt-driven people are manipulated by bad memories….

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