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So you are ready to get started, First congratulations for making the most important step! Now, lets get right to it. The first step of your transformation is determining your specific nutrition needs and getting your mind and body focused on the journey ahead. During your initial session,  or step one, The Body & Nutrition Assessment, You will meet privately with a Certified Weight Management Nutrition Coach. During this comprehensive private session your coach will design a program that will fit your lifestyle, help you accomplish your goals, and fits within your budget! Once your Body & Nutrition Assessment is completed your will meet with your Certified Personal Trainer for your second session, which is step two, The Fitness Evaluation. Read on below to learn more about The Body & Nutrition Assessment and Fitness Evaluation offered exclusively at PI4L Fitness & Nutrition Coaching.



 Step One: The Body & Nutrition Assessment


las vegas personal trainer 12 week meal plans examples in summerlinDo you know that 80% of your results come from your eating habits and 20% come from your efforts so why is everyone doing the opposite thing? During this 90 minute session together, we will dissect your current eating habits, Take your weight and measurements, and give you the tools necessary to begin seeing the results that you desire from your program! Working out without complete nutrition and eating right without proven workouts are both incomplete programs! At PI4L Fitness & Nutrition Coaching we are putting it all together: nutrition, fitness, and consulting to offer you a complete solution to health and wellness.

Topics Covered: Your health history, specific goals, training schedule, your daily routine, your current eating habits, nutrition assessment, Meal Planning Program Options, Your weight & measurements, Your body fat %, Your customized program!

Investment: $299.00

Duration 90 minutes (Required) (included in Deluxe Meal Plan Packages)



Step Two: The PI4L Fitness Evaluation


las vegas pesonal trainer doing a fitness evaluation near summerlinNow that we have determined your current daily nutrition habits, your specific goals and have a game plan in place, its time to put your Fitness program together. Because everyone has different strengths and challenges and we want your workout to be safe, effective, challenging, yet attainable, you will go through a private Fitness Evaluation. The purpose of The Fitness evaluation is to determine your physical abilities, strengths and challenges, keeping your workouts fun, effective and putting your safety first! Your doctor shouldn’t prescribe medicine without first doing an assessment and neither should a personal fitness trainer!

Topics Covered: Your heart rate including resting, recovery, and fat burning zones, Your lab results (if applicable), Your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, core strength and power!

Investment $99
Duration 60 minutes (Required For All Personal Training Programs)



las vegas personal trainer 12 week program condition near summerlin Now that we have everything in order you will have a game plan and the necessary steps you will need to get started and achieve your specific fitness & nutrition goals! Your personal trainer will determine a program that best suits your needs as well as your abilities. We refer to this as your (SFL) or Starting Fitness Level. Once you have completed the Body & Nutrition Assessment & Fitness Evaluation we will have all the information that we will need to develop your customized fitness & nutrition program and get you on the right track to making your body transformation a reality.  Once the Body & Nutrition Assessment and Fitness Evaluation are completed you are ready to start Week one or introductory week one of your personal training & meal planning Program know as Level 1 CONDITION. So Now We Have Your Game Plan in place….. Now it’s time for you to take ACTION by contacting us today and get started ASAP!

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2 x per week

Private Personal Training

  • 60 minute private sessions

  • Custom meal plans available

  • Tuesday & Thursday

  • 6 month program
  • 2 sessions per week

  • 24 weeks – 48 sessions

$9000Hour Contact Us!

4 x per week

Private Personal Training

  • 60 Minute Private Sessions

  • custom meal planning available

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • 6 month program

  • 4  sessions per week

  • 24 weeks – 96 sessions
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The truth is you’re not getting any younger, skinnier, stronger, faster or healthier by just sitting on your butt on the couch in front of that television and leading a sedentary lifestyle! Give us a call today to discuss your fitness goals and schedule your body & Nutrition Assessment. We can do this together!” Make 2020 your best year ever! Contact me today to get started on your very own personal training & meal planning program. Call 702-341-6052 ask for Mark today! or send me an Email to get scheduled for your first session and starting looking and feeling amazing!!!!! I look forward to hearing from you!