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Flat Belly Fast By Eating Good Fats!

lose fat with good fats

If you want to get a flat belly fast, you MUST eat plenty of fat.  At the same time, not just any fat will do…some fats are no good at all, while others are health-boosting and fat-burning rockstars!  Here are a few of my favorites that I personally eat just about every day. 1. Avocados – Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats as well as loads of vitamins to boot (E, K and C to mention just a few).  Not only that, but they pack a serious fiber punch, 5…

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Eating The Right Foods To Lose Body Fat

lose fat with a las vegas personal trainer and nutritionist

 Strategic Meal Planning: Eating The Right Foods To Lose Body Fat! The definition of confusion in the dictionary should read: Eating the right foods to lose body fat. One of the most misunderstood things, when it comes to weight management is nutrition. Even though the process is really quit simple, and not rocket science, marketing companies have made it very confusing and almost impossible for YOU, the average consumer to figure out how to eat healthy, but more importantly how to eat the right foods to lose body fat. Not…

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The Risk Of High Estrogen Levels in Men

high estrogen levels in men

Disrupting The Natural Balance Of The Body’s Hormonal System:   Testosterone is the male sex hormone that makes a man ‘a man.’ Testosterone is dominant in men. It drives the development of the male sex organs,causes the voice to deepen during puberty, stimulates the growth of facial hair and is the reason why men are stronger and more muscular than women. Likewise, estrogen-which is dominant in women is the female sex hormone that gives women all their wonderful feminine characteristics, making them softer, more round and curvier. Men and women each carry both hormones in their bodies-one is…

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The Top 3 Post-Workout Foods That SHRED Fat

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CES In case you didn’t know, the time you spend after a workout may determine how your body will look moving forward. Spend a lot of time running around and not eating—good chance your success will be limited. But: If you feed your body right—after a workout—then you may see better definition in your body, better gains in strength and endurance…and most importantly, better overall weight loss and body fat loss. Now, before you think that any old food will do, there are some important things…

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Exercising with Type 2 Diabetes

exercising and preventing diabetes

Exercising with Type 2 Diabetes In Las Vegas Type 2 diabetes continues to be on the rise. Experts still attribute the rise of Type 2 Diabetes with the rise in obesity. Type 2 diabetes is responsible for 90 to 95% of all diabetes cases and is most common in adults. Though we are seeing the rates of childhood obesity increase and right along with it are more young children being diagnosed with the disease. Those stats don’t need to be a death sentence or a sentence to a life of…

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How To Lose 30 Pounds Effortless In 12 Months!

  How To Lose 30 Pounds Effortless In 12 Months   by Mark Lani CAPT, CSN In a quest for weight loss, 250 calories doesn’t seem like a significant number, could this small amount really help you drop pounds? Yes, it can. The truth is that dropping as little as 250 calories each day can result in almost 30 pounds shed over 12 short months. Do you know the sure-fire way to GAIN weight? Don’t eat. Does that come as a surprise? Fasting for extended periods of time actually slows…

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Start Exercising At Any Age!

over 55 start exercising with a las vegas personal trainer

Start Exercising At Any Age by Mark Lani CAPT, CSN Certified Advanced Personal Trainer. So you’ve slacked off a bit and avoided exercise.Maybe your job demands too much of your time or you simply fell out of the routine. I have news for you. Whether you’ve taken off one year, ten years or haven’t exercised a day in your life – it’s never too late to start exercising. You see there are problems with living a life devoid of exercise. Big problems! Your weight rises along with your blood pressure…

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PI4L Client Spotlight: Renee Finch! 2 Dress Sizes Smaller In Only 2 Months!

PI4L Client Spotlight! I met Mark Lani in November, 2015. I was at the lowest point in my emotional life and my physical self reflected my depression. Mark’s Body & Nutrition Assessment was in-depth and thorough. I felt as though I could be completely honest about my eating habits, my exercise habits (which were non-existent) and my emotional dependence upon food. He listened and never judged. He was incredibly encouraging and I knew he would make a profound difference in my life. That night I committed to six months of…

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Five Emotional Poisons Making You Look OLD & SICK

emotional poisons that effect your training and life

Most fitness professional don’t have the courage to say what I’m about to say to you right now. It’s not that they don’t care, or have your best interests in mind… But it tends to be VERY uncomfortable territory. As you read through this take the time to “think” about whether or not these 5 emotional poisons have held you back, or hindered your health, like they have me and countless others! 5 “Emotional” Poisons Making You Look OLD & SICK #1: Guilt Guilt-driven people are manipulated by bad memories….

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How Often Should I Eat?

as a personal trainer in las vegas people often ask me how often I should eat?

How Often Should I Eat? Let’s face it, since the dawn of man the rule for consumption of food was simply to eat to survive. Well our modern society and lifestyle has changed and flipped that simple process. Obesity rates continue to grow and will be affecting more than two-thirds of Americans in the next 5-10 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So you can see the simple rule has flipped and it appears that humans survive so they can eat. Through the years we have…

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