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Fat Loss Myths In The Diet Industry

fat loss myths revealed

Fat Loss Myths In The Diet Industry   Contributed By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES There are A LOT off fat loss myths in the diet industry on the BEST ways to lose fat. And, if you’re like most people, then you may have fallen for one – or more – of these common fat loss myths. What are they? Well, I’m so glad you asked… Cracking The Diet Code When you think about it, dieting and losing weight isn’t that much work.  You need to eat right… Exercise… And…

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Diseases – Can This One Activity Kill You?

man sitting all day

Can This ONE Activity KILL You?     By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES For most people, too much time is spent SITTING at their desk, with very little movement throughout the day. Past and current research shows that people who sit for long periods of time throughout the day (for instance working a desk job), may be at risk for developing certain diseases. And those diseases are: • Obesity • Type 2 diabetes • Some cancers • Heart disease These diseases may SHORTEN your life span, if you are not careful. Now, for some interesting…

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Eat these 3 unusual foods for faster fat loss (and better sex)

faster fat loss and better sex article

contributed By Shaun Hadsall Stubborn Fat Expert & CPT The levels of declining hormones, like testosterone, in aging men and women is extremely abnormal in today’s day and age. Although most women think that testosterone only defines manhood, it’s declining at a rapid rate for women too. This can cause both men and women to lose energy, stamina, sex drive, muscle, and just generally “feel” worse than they should. Sperm count and quality has dropped, infertility problems have increased, and the number of men and women visiting the doctor for…

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