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Testosterone Injections good or bad?

I got a cool tip on what NOT to do in order to Boost your testosterone levels.  This tip is courtesy of my good friend, Chad Howse.  Here it is… ============================================= It took a long time, but through much trial and error I finally learned that there is no magic pill, powder, or potion that would fix my muscle resistance, or any of my client’s fat loss resistance. There is, however, a magic hormone: testosterone. There’s a reason why endurance athletes, bodybuilders, fighters, football players, and elite athletes world-wide try…

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The One Drink For A Faster Metabolism

You may wake up a few minutes early and make a cup of this in the morning. Or you may just wait for your morning commute and stop at your favorite bistro or coffee shop.   No matter where you get it, coffee has been shown to be a great way to start your day – not only mentally but physiologically as well! However, due to common misconceptions about coffee’s health benefits, many people may turn to other caffeinated alternatives – such as energy drinks, diet soda, or soda –…

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How to make healthy hot cocoa that boosts your metabolism.

If you have a chocolate weakness, this will not only help you survive…but burn more fat in the process. Plus, this concoction is LOADED with super powerful antioxidants in the cocoa which can fight the aging process, control blood sugar, and help maintain healthy blood pressure. Not only that, but it contains healthy fats called MCTs that can even have a slight metabolism-boosting effect as well as immune-boosting benefits. Here goes… Buy some unsweetened organic cocoa powder (NOT the pre-packaged hot chocolate garbage that is usually loaded with sugar, corn…

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