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The 5 Worst Foods FOR Your Joints

  Every day, millions of people have a hard time exercising because of shoulder, knee, back and elbow pain. What most people — and even most doctors — don’t know is that one of the major causes of pain is actually… food. Here’s what you should focus on removing from your diet if you want to double your recovery process and get pain-free faster than with just pills:   The 5 Worst Foods For Your Joints: 1) Sugar. This one is obvious. Nothing damages the digestive track like sugar. The medical community…

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The Role Of Electrolytes In The Body!

The importance of an electrolyte

The Role Of Electrolytes In The Body Electrolytes are minerals found in bodily fluids that carry an electric charge and are essential to keeping the heart, nerves and muscles functioning properly. As such, it is important to maintain a precise and constant balance of electrolytes to stay healthy. The kidneys play an important role in ensuring that electrolyte levels remain invariant despite any changes the body may undergo. Having an excess or an insufficiency of electrolytes in the body can be dangerous and in some cases fatal. Electrolyte Function One…

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