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    Please Note: Due to the nature of our private programs availability is limited. If we are able to accommodate your schedule and offer you a spot in our in-home personal training and nutrition program, we will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you accomplish your health and fitness goals!

    Las Vegas Personal Trainer Mark Lani and his Personal Training PI4L Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Team

    Las Vegas Personal Trainer Mark Lani is owner of PerfectImage4Life Fitness and Nutrition Coaching located in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Spring Valley, NV. Las Vegas Personal Trainer Mark Lani Certified by the National Endurance Sports Trainers Association In Advanced Personal Training as well as Sports Nutrition. Everyone can have a certification or amazing credentials but more importantly the Las Vegas Personal Trainers at PI4L have been helping people just like you achieve their health and fitness goals for 18+ years. We absolutely love what we do and have a true passion for health and fitness and that passion always starts with you, our clients! Mark has worked for several athletic clubs in his career including Lifestyle 2000, 24 Hour Fitness, Las Vegas Athletic Clubs, etc. He has managed personal trainers and on the nutrition side he has worked as a Centre Director for Jenny Craig. But something didn’t feel right training in gyms. The vibe wasn’t right, the high stress environment and meat market atmosphere didn’t set the stage for an effective, complete, timely workout.

    There are two types of Las Vegas Personal Trainers, The Gym Trainer and The Private Trainer, so what is the difference? All trainers start out at a gym or athletic club and they are what you call a “gym trainer” then there are the trainers that have graduated past that and have unique programs that do not require a big gym name backing them to succeed. Most gym trainers are beginners, not all, but most and do not have years of experience or the ability to prescribe or create effective and proven workout prescriptions. Once again, we all start out there. Just because a trainer may have a great body doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she has the ability to develop an exercise and nutrition program that will work for you. This not only requires an advanced personal training certification but also years of experience working with several types of people!

    Mark had fun training clients in the gym but it was time to get serious. So he decided to take his personal training practice into a private studio home setting away from the busy gym life where he could devote more time and attention to his clients, avoiding the stress and mess of a traditional athletic clubs. PI4L clients feel comfortable working out privately and they are happy to find a personal trainer in Las Vegas that trains in a private atmosphere. Working out in front of everyone can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, and down right scary, Mark and all of his PI4L trainers have been there. At one time we all are intimidated by all the meat heads at the gym as well. Who needs all that attitude, we sure didn’t and neither do you! By training our clients privately for the past 18+ years we have developed a step-by-step program that is efficient, complete, and produces amazing results!  Come join our PerfectImage4Life family!