Five Emotional Poisons Making You Look OLD & SICK

emotional poisons that effect your training and life

Most fitness professional don’t have the courage to say what
I’m about to say to you right now.

It’s not that they don’t care, or have your best interests in mind…

But it tends to be VERY uncomfortable territory.

As you read through this take the time to “think” about whether
or not these 5 emotional poisons have held you back, or hindered
your health, like they have me and countless others!

5 “Emotional” Poisons Making You Look OLD & SICK

#1: Guilt

Guilt-driven people are manipulated by bad memories.

They allow their past to control their future.

A perfect example is the guilty feeling you have right after you
eat bad food.

C’mon we ALL go through it!

If you’re one of those people that holds onto your food guilt, or any other
guilt, LET IT GO.

We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.

Get up tomorrow, dust yourself off, and get back in the fat loss game.

#2: Resentment and Anger

Resentment is like drinking somebody else’s poison and waiting for them to die.

Listen, those who have hurt you in the past cannot continue to do so
unless YOU hold on to the pain and resentment.

Worry and resentment are two emotions that are a total WASTE of your time,
but if you’re not careful, they can consume you and stop you from achieving
your desired fitness goals.

Even the bible says, “To worry yourself to death with resentment would be
a foolish, senseless thing to do.”

If you have frustrations boiling inside you, get to the gym and take it out on
the weights or high intensity intervals.

Exercise is the #1 source of emotional renewal in your life.

Don’t EVER forget that.

#3: Fear

Fear driven people often miss out on great opportunities because they’re
afraid to take any risks.

Instead, they play it safe and avoid taking chances to maintain the status quo.

Here’s a secret for ya to help you live a better life…

Do your feared things first.

For example: Do you hate exercise?

Get up first thing in the morning and get it done if you can… or at the very least
get it out of the way as soon as possible after you start your day.

Consistent exercise will increase your confidence and self-esteem to help
overcome your fears faster than you could ever imagine.

#4: Materialism

The drive to always want more “things”, or what I call BSO’s (Bright Shiny Objects),
is part of our human nature because we think it will bring us more happiness or
make us feel more secure and important.

In reality, possessions only provide temporary happiness.

Remember, self worth and net worth are not the same. The most valuable things in life
are NOT things.

That’s why losing weight and getting healthy is so much more rewarding than
buying a new car, toy, or house.

Real security and happiness comes from healthy relationships, serving others,
and achieving fitness goals that transform us from the inside out.

#5: Approval

Many adults are still trying to seek the approval of parents, or other siblings who
simply CANNOT be pleased.

Others are driven by a variety of peer pressures so they’re always worried about
what others think.

I don’t know all the answers, but one key to failure is to try and please everyone.

Being controlled by the opinions of others is the fastest way to miss out on your
purpose in life, and it will surely sabotage your health and fitness goals.


Now I fully realize this article isn’t teaching how to burn off more
belly flab, or have your dream body, but in my humble opinion…

….If you let ANY one of these 5 poisons drive your life, you’ll
NEVER achieve your health and fitness goals
because of the
emotional baggage that’s holding you back.

I know from firsthand experience because all five
of these emotional poisons have consumed my own life at one time
or another.

When you really stop and think about the grand scheme of
things, we’re merely seconds on the clock that we call time.

That’s why it’s so important to dive into uncomfortable territory
and talk about these emotions that really drive our lives.

I’ll end this artcle with a famous quote from one my
mentors, the late Jim Rohn.

“It’s not which way the wind blows that determines your
success or your future. It’s the direction you set the sail.”

It is the set


I also want to make sure and give a special “thanks” to author
Rick Warren for providing the inspiration and content for this
timeless message.

It comes directly from his best selling book, The Purpose Driven

Considering this information has inspired over 32 million people
across the globe, I highly recommend you take these to heart.

Keeping my eye on you in health and fitness,

Mark Lani CPT, CAPT, CSN

Certified Advanced Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutritionist