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Strength Training Exercises Without A Gym Membership

strength training exercises for women without a gym membership

With your busy schedule, you don’t always have time to get to the gym. Whether you’re working full time outside the home, working from home, or a stay-at-home spouse or parent, your schedule is packed with things that you need to get done. That is understandable but that shouldn’t prevent you from being healthy and having the body you’ve always wanted. Strength Training Exercises without a gym membership can be accomplished right in your living room, or any other room in your house. No fancy gym equipment needed, and …[Read…

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The Best Workout Programs For Busy Women

personal trainer in las vegas article onworkout for busy women

Let’s face it…  Trying to figure out the best workout programs for busy women can be a HUGE challenge!  You have an active schedule and we know that you often have a busy life that keeps you dashing from place to place all day long. With a hectic schedule it is hard to fit in a visit to the gym. Plus the truth is, a lot of days you most likely don’t have the self-motivation get there. Waking up in the morning over an hour early just to cram in…

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The 4 biggest hormonal players in the fat loss game!

las vegas personal training fat burining hormones

Carbohydrates are the most misunderstood nutrients when it comes to fat loss. Far too many people, my past self included, have completely removed carbs from their diet in an effort to speed up fat loss. However, for most people, the best fat loss results actually come from consuming carbs, not completely cutting them out. A big reason for this is the specific fat burning hormones that only respond when carbs are strategically part of your diet. This is a critical point, because hormones flat out decide whether or not you…

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3 Sneaky Reasons Dining Out Is Sabotaging Your Nutrition

  If you sit down at a restaurant and order a grilled chicken breast, a big salad and some steamed rice, you’d naturally assume that you were eating a healthy meal that will fuel your muscle gains and also help you achieve your fat loss goals. Unfortunately, you might be wrong. In fact, in many cases, you’re almost certainly going to be wrong. Let me explain why. Reason #1 Most Restaurants Use Very Low-Quality Ingredients: Restaurants are in the business of making money. Yes, there are some really great independently-owned…

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food labels lie about trans fat!

food label

Step #1: STOP Trusting Food Labels (They’re NOT trustworthy) Everyone believes reading labels is a good way to determine if a food is healthy or not – but that’s only partially true. To make more money from uneducated consumers, most food manufacturers use dirty little tricks to hide dangerous and fattening ingredients in common foods that you eat everyday. And worst of all, these fake ingredients are specifically designed to make you ADDICTED to their stuff. One of many examples is “trans fats”. If you don’t know by now, this…

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30 minute workout good or bad

  Is It Possible To Get A Good Workout In 30 minutes? by Mark Lani CPT, CSN Ask anyone who goes to the gym how long a good workout usually takes; you will be surprised to learn that most gym goers spend one to two hours including the commute. Based on the above response many are blown away when I tell them that is possible to get an effective workout in 30 minutes a day, and still get awesome results! Because of the hectic world we live in and limited…

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Testosterone Injections good or bad?

how to improve your testosterone levels

I got a cool tip on what NOT to do in order to Boost your testosterone levels.  This tip is courtesy of my good friend, Chad Howse.  Here it is… ============================================= It took a long time, but through much trial and error I finally learned that there is no magic pill, powder, or potion that would fix my muscle resistance, or any of my client’s fat loss resistance. There is, however, a magic hormone: testosterone. There’s a reason why endurance athletes, bodybuilders, fighters, football players, and elite athletes world-wide try…

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The One Drink For A Faster Metabolism

You may wake up a few minutes early and make a cup of this in the morning. Or you may just wait for your morning commute and stop at your favorite bistro or coffee shop.   No matter where you get it, coffee has been shown to be a great way to start your day – not only mentally but physiologically as well! However, due to common misconceptions about coffee’s health benefits, many people may turn to other caffeinated alternatives – such as energy drinks, diet soda, or soda –…

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How to make healthy hot cocoa that boosts your metabolism.

If you have a chocolate weakness, this will not only help you survive…but burn more fat in the process. Plus, this concoction is LOADED with super powerful antioxidants in the cocoa which can fight the aging process, control blood sugar, and help maintain healthy blood pressure. Not only that, but it contains healthy fats called MCTs that can even have a slight metabolism-boosting effect as well as immune-boosting benefits. Here goes… Buy some unsweetened organic cocoa powder (NOT the pre-packaged hot chocolate garbage that is usually loaded with sugar, corn…

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