Eat these 3 unusual foods for faster fat loss (and better sex)

faster fat loss and better sex article
contributed By Shaun Hadsall
Stubborn Fat Expert & CPT
The levels of declining hormones, like testosterone, in
aging men and women is extremely abnormal in today’s
day and age.
Although most women think that testosterone only defines
manhood, it’s declining at a rapid rate for women too.
This can cause both men and women to lose energy, stamina,
sex drive, muscle, and just generally “feel” worse than they
Sperm count and quality has dropped, infertility problems have
increased, and the number of men and women visiting the doctor
for sexual dysfunction is higher than ever.
So what’s going on? 
Well…a few things really.
First, lack of the right nutrients and environmental toxins
are more prominent than ever.
Second, diets high in processed carbohydrates and processed
vegetable oils wreak havoc on your hormones.
There is also a LACK of natural animal fats and, believe it
or not, “healthy” cholesterol in our diets.
In fact, testosterone is made from cholesterol.
But instead of eating cholesterol-rich foods, Americans consume
an astonishing 50%+ of their calories from carb-based foods like
bread and pasta.
Research has shown diets consisting of less than 40% fat (like
the Standard American Diet) leads to decreases in testosterone
levels in both men and women.
Here’s how you can fix what’s broken by using REAL food.
Outside of cutting down on processed food, make sure you
start consuming more friendly fats and foods that are rich in
vitamins that have been shown to boost “T” production.
1) Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs
These are eggs laid by chickens that eat insects, seeds, and
minimal grains.
You can get them at a local farmer’s market or find a farmer in your
Google it! 🙂
You’ll know pastured eggs the second you crack one open.
Their yolks tend to be more orange, rather than pale yellow. And
make sure you eat the yolk too!
It not only contains healthy cholesterol, but also contains the
majority of the antioxidants and important vitamins like A, D, E,
and K.If you can’t find true pasture-raised eggs in a store near you, the best
bet is to choose organic and/or omega-3 rich eggs.  At the very least, you’ll
know these chickens ate more than just corn and soy since they would have
to supplement the chicken feed with flax and/or algae meal in this case.

2) Pumpkin Seeds
If you have any interest in maintaining healthy testosterone levels
and boosting your fat-loss hormones, then make sure you’re eating
raw pumpkin seeds.
Eat them on their own, throw them in a salad, or blend them in a
A bonus side effect of pumpkin seeds is they contain the amino acid
leucine, which helps increase protein synthesis, fatty acid
oxidation, and recovery, while helping support testosterone levels.
Pumpkin seeds also provide a great source of zinc and magnesium,
which have also been shown to naturally elevate testosterone…and
improve sperm count in men.
3) Cod liver oil 
This one is my favorite because I’m Norwegian (aka- Viking blood)
and cod liver oil has been known as the testosterone-boosting
secret of the Vikings for years now.
It was a major part of their daily diets, which many believe is the
reason for their dense muscle mass and large frames.
That’s because cod liver oil is loaded with vitamins A and D in an
animal-based form that’s more bioavailable.
Studies indicate both of these vitamins are linked with increased
testosterone production.
So whether you’re a man OR a woman, make sure
you add these 3 foods to your nutrition plan, and enjoy
improved hormonal balance!
Shaun  Hadsall
Thanks Shaun for this informative article!