Fat Loss Myths In The Diet Industry

fat loss myths revealed

Fat Loss Myths In The Diet Industry


Contributed By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

There are A LOT off fat loss myths in the diet industry on the BEST ways to lose fat.

And, if you’re like most people, then you may have fallen for one – or more – of these common fat loss myths.

What are they?

Well, I’m so glad you asked…

Cracking The Diet Code

When you think about it, dieting and losing weight isn’t that much work.  You need to eat right…


And live a healthy and generally stress-free life!

But, if you’re like most people, then you have probably searched the internet high and low for the best fat loss secrets.

And, you may have tried them all – with varying success.

So you have gotten frustrated, angry, and lost motivation because of it.

But guess what?

It was probably not you…

It was probably because the advice you took wasn’t the RIGHT thing for you!

Here are some of the common fat loss myths that people assume are correct, but may not be…

1. Fat-Free Foods DON’T Cause Weight Gain

This is FALSE!

Just because it says FAT-FREE doesn’t mean it’s calorie-free.

Most often, this type of labeling leads to someone overeating the product since they associate fat-free with better health.

But for the most part, fat-free products either have the same amount of calories – or MORE – than the fat-filled version.

And, most fat-free products are filled with SUGAR, ADDITIVES, and other nasty fillers that only lead to greater weight and fat gain.

2. Fat-Filled Foods are BAD

Again, this one is FALSE!

Not all foods that contain fat are bad for you.

For example, coconuts and avocados are chock full of fat.

But these fats are actually good for your body – and may even lead to greater fat loss!

Fat is an important nutrient for many biological processes that happen in your body and it may even lead to better meal satisfaction (preventing you from being hungry later!).

Now, the types of food you do want to stay away from are your doughnuts, pastries, and fried foods.

They contain unhealthy fats – namely trans-fats – that may not only cause greater increases in fat gain, but may also cause heart disease or other life-threatening conditions.

3. Low-Intensity Cardio is the BEST For Fat Loss

Now, on the surface, this one would actually be true.

But, if you want to do the BEST fat loss workout, then you need to up the intensity of the workout.

Increasing the intensity may translate into burning a lot more calories than simply doing low-intensity cardio alone.

And, the intensity of the workout keeps your body burning fat at a higher rate.

Result = longer (24 to 48 hours) fat burning.

Higher-intensity exercises also preserve more lean muscle mass, therefore, keeping more of your metabolism-boosting tissue on your body.

Three Common Fat Loss  Myths – DESTROYED

It’s about time that people understand the truth behind these great fat loss myths.

And, if you have ever fallen for one of these fat loss myths, then chances are you may have become frustrated with your LACK of fat loss.

Now that you know the truth, you may be well-equipped to tackle your fat loss plan and get the true results that you have always wanted!


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