Diseases – Can This One Activity Kill You?

man sitting all day

Can This ONE Activity KILL You?



By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

For most people, too much time is spent SITTING at their desk, with very little movement throughout the day.

Past and current research shows that people who sit for long periods of time throughout the day (for instance working a desk job), may be at risk for developing certain diseases.

And those diseases are:

• Obesity

• Type 2 diabetes

• Some cancers

• Heart disease

These diseases may SHORTEN your life span, if you are not careful.

Now, for some interesting news…

Exercise, Sitting, and Your Health

Of course you already know that exercise is highly recommended in order to improve your health, lengthen your longevity, make you feel stronger, and reduce your risk for diseases.

Now, studies have shown that people who participate in the recommended exercise requirements (150 minutes of moderate to vigorous
exercise, most days of the week), were just as likely to develop these diseases – if they spent a majority of their day sitting, REGARDLESS of how much exercise they do throughout the week!

A new study, recently published, shows that women (who met the exercise requirements) spent just as much time sitting, standing, or doing non-exercise related stepping as women who DID NOT meet the exercise requirements.

The study authors concluded:


“This study provides the first objective evidence that participation in sustained moderate or vigorous physical activity is unrelated to daily sitting duration.”



So what Can YOU Do?

In order for you to reduce your risk for developing chronic diseases and to keep yourself healthy, you need to do the following:

Keep moving throughout the day!

It has been shown, that those who engage in moderate or vigorous exercise most days of the week, SIT FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME as people who DO NOT exercise.

Which means you could have the SAME risk as someone who DOESN’T exercise, especially if you spend more time during your day SITTING.


Which means?


You need to spend less time sitting in your seat or at your desk, and more time spent standing, walking, or even running!

Instead of sending that email or sitting down to make a phone call, try standing or walking down to their office, cubicle, or building and hand deliver the message!

This may add more physical activity to your day, therefore reducing your risk for different diseases.

Plus, if you walk briskly, at least 10 minutes many times during the day, this may result in more weight loss, improve your cardiovascular health, and, most importantly, you could FEEL BETTER each and every day!


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