Testosterone Injections good or bad?

how to improve your testosterone levels
I got a cool tip on what NOT to do in order to Boost your
testosterone levels.  This tip is courtesy of my good
friend, Chad Howse.  Here it is…
It took a long time, but through much trial and error I
finally learned that there is no magic pill, powder, or
potion that would fix my muscle resistance, or any of my
client’s fat loss resistance.
There is, however, a magic hormone: testosterone.
There’s a reason why endurance athletes, bodybuilders, fighters,
football players, and elite athletes world-wide try tirelessly
to get an edge using a hormone we naturally create: because it
works, and it’s powerful.
When it’s naturally produced by your body, testosterone decreases
the likelihood of disease and cancer, and even depression. It enhances
your body’s ability to burn fat and build strong muscle. If you’re a
guy, you need optimal natural levels of testosterone if you want to
be, well, optimal.
The problem with this need is that there’s a lot working against having
high natural testosterone levels. Everything from your diet to your
environment to your training can negatively – yes, you read that right –
effect your testosterone production.
Testosterone Myth Exposed: testosterone injections help 
you produce testosterone…
When you go to the doctor and get your T levels checked, if they’re
low, your doctor will prescribe injections. Don’t take them.
Injections provide an outside, artificial source of testosterone.
When you start taking the injections, your body stops producing
testosterone because it no longer needs to.
In short, you become dependent on the injections that your doctor
is making money injecting you with – conflict of interest? Of course.
But you don’t need to fall for it!
Now that you know that injections are the problem, now it is time
to learn about the solution.  Did you know that you can control hormones
through applying specific training styles? You do not need injections when you
can create testosterone naturally.
Not to mention I hate needles. your decision, your life, your choice.
Keeping my eye on you in health and fitness,
Mark Lani CPT, CSN
PI4L Fitness & Nutrition