The Journey Part 3: Training For Maximum Fat Loss

the journey part 3: training for maximum fat loss!

The Journey Part 3: Training for maximum fat loss:

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Welcome back, this is part 3 of the journey. We’ve now covered prohormones. You now know how they can help you with making lean muscle gains, and which ones are best to take. In this article we’re gonna start delving in to training for maximum fat loss. This will include what exercises to do, the reps, sets, and rest times, all of which will help you with getting shredded!

Over the winter months you’ve been bulking, gaining muscle mass, getting stronger, but gaining fat too. Now summer is on the way, and just like every other guy, you want to reveal that perfect beach body!

Get ready, because your work outs are going to be gruelling, they will be tough, and it will take persistence to push through if you wanna get ripped.

Now, I like to focus on the weight training aspect of fat loss rather than cardio, and this is for one simple reason, training for strength while dieting for fat loss will burn more fat, this combined with a quality prohormone and fat burner is the best way to burn fat while inducing muscle gains. Cardio does cause weight loss, however it’s just that; weight loss, that includes muscle as well as fat, and as bodybuilders we don’t want that!

Ok so what should I be doing in the gym for maximum fat loss?

Good question. Training for strength is the best way to burn that fat, but unlike during in a bulk we don’t want to be lifting 1 rep maxes as this could lead to injury while on a calorie deficit. Instead we are going to be focussing on getting stronger with the big movements in the 6 to 8 rep range. The benefit is not only will you gain strength you will also build muscle, and with more muscle comes more fat loss as the body has to use more calories to keep it working.

Another aspect of training for maximum fat loss is using compound movements, these are the best exercises to lose weight as they use more energy, and therefore your body will burn more calories.

Ok, now you know the why, here’s the how. An example of a 4 times per week Muscle/strength gain and fat loss training regime. It focuses on getting stronger in the big movements, while throwing in some high reps to get the heart rate up and help shed some of those pounds!

Workout Chart

We are going to start the week with LEGS, yes, legs, now I know most people train chest on “chest Monday” but not us. Legs are the biggest muscle group in our bodies, therefore requiring the most energy, and having had the weekend off you should be fresh. Also being such a huge muscle group your metabolism will be elevated higher and for longer after exercise, therefore causing more fat loss.

Tuesday is Shoulders & Abs, followed by a rest day on Wednesday to recuperate in anticipation of Back & Biceps day on Thursday. Back is another large muscle group and will take considerable energy; again this will boost your metabolism for a few hours creating a fat burning furnace.

Friday is Chest & Triceps, and then you get the weekend off to rest after a hard week burning fat and getting shredded.

You want to fail on the last set of each exercise, if that means performing more reps that’s fine, however, next time be sure to increase the weight.

That’s it for this routine, use this for 8 to 12 weeks, after that take a week off completely to rest, or use 50% of the weights you were doing, for a week.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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