The Journey Part 1: Prohormones & What They Can Do For You!

Prohormones the safe alternative to steroids

The Journey, Part 1: Prohormones; what can they do for me?

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Over the next few weeks we are going on a journey, we are going to explore prohormones and how they can have such a huge positive impact on our journey towards our goals. Along with learning about prohormones, also covered in future articles in this series will be the five most important aspects to anyone looking to improve their physique: smart training, sensible nutrition, supplementation, goal setting and motivation.

These articles are here to help you understand how best to use prohormones when combined with intelligent planning in order to maximise your potential and reach far beyond what you could have imagined.

Prohormones; what are they?

You’ve seen bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other athletes throwing the word prohormone about, but you don’t have any idea what these people are talking about, what is a prohormone and what can it do for me?

430 x 100 Banner AProhormones were introduced around the 1950’s they were used in order to help athletes increase in muscle size and strength and to allow them to recover much quicker. Since then these prohormones have gone through much trial and error and extensive research bringing us to the incredible products we have today such as LG Sciences’ M1D ANDRO.

There are many different types of prohormones: there are ones which help with building muscle mass, cutting body fat, increasing focus within the gym, and ones which help harden muscles and bringing out the striations, creating more of a ripped look.

Now, you may be asking, they sound great but are there any negatives to using prohormones? The answer is yes and no. The number 1 problem associated with prohormone use is liver toxicity, and this occurs as liver toxic prohormones pass through the liver putting stress on it and causing it to weaken. HOWEVER, LG Sciences prohormones are non-toxic to the liver as they contain less harsh compounds than those that are used by other companies who care less about their customer’s health and well-being and more about sales!

430 x 100 BannerBut do not mistake these less harsh compounds with less results, while using a stack such as LG Sciences’ Trifecta kit you will reap all the incredible benefits that prohormones have to offer but with little to no side effects, I myself have used this combination with spectacular results and ZERO side effects.

Whatever your goal, whether it be to cut fat for the summer to look good on the beach, to build pure muscle mass, to cut some fat and build muscle at the same time, or to bring out those striations and harden up, there is a prohormone for you, in future articles we shall delve in to the different types of prohormones and how each one can be used to help you reach your goal.

1 andro banner 1But remember, even though prohormones such as LG Sciences’ 1-ANDRO are powerful they won’t do all the work for you, you can’t just sit there watching television and expect to build muscle or burn fat! You need to be training hard and smart and your diet needs to be in line with your goals.

Coming up in future parts we shall discuss training and what exactly to do when using prohormones, everything from exercise selection, reps, sets, rep speed, and rest times, every little detail will be covered, as well as your diet and how to perfect it to make the very best use of the prohormones. As well as training and nutrition we will also cover the other 3 important aspects of building muscle or burning fat; supplementation, goal setting, and motivation.

Enjoy the journey!