5 Quick Tips For A Better Life, Health & Success Today!

I have a tendency to look at a task or a goal and become overwhelmed thinking about all the details that are required to make it come to pass.
I see this problem happening with my private clients often as well.
They look at their weight loss or body transformation goal and become overwhelmed with all the details.
They spend too much time obsessing over things like:
-Is it OK to combine my fats and carbs?  (Yes but your missing an important nutrient.)
-Should I do weight training before or after my cardio? (Weight Train Before Cardio)
-Can I skip breakfast or will this cause muscle loss? (Never Skip Breakfast!)
-Should I eat small, frequent meals or is “5 squares per day” the way to go? (Depends on your goals and current health)
Etc, etc…
All of this is just what I like to call “majoring in the minors” and will often leave a person with a severe case of paralysis by analysis.
And do you know what happens then?
They do nothing. Nada, Zip, Zilch.
And that’s the worst thing you can possibly do when you want to change your body or your life.
Here is how I keep things simple and my life moving forward in the direction of my goals and dreams:
1. Don’t copy what everybody else is doing. The majority tends to be wrong.
2. Keep things simple and focus on what you can do NOW. Taking small steps is much better than taking no steps at all.
3. See the opportunities in the problems. We all hit roadblocks in our lives- your job is to see the hidden lesson and learn from it.
4. Focus on being 1% better every day. This one is a real game changer and can be applied to everything from exercise to nutrition and everything in between.
5. You only get paid for done. This is for those of us who are procrastinators. Always finish what you start. Only then can you say whether or not it was a good idea in the first place.
Thank you to Janet & Bruce for the inspiration and informative post!
Keeping my eye on you in health & fitness,
Mark Lani CPT, CSN
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutritionist