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navbar programs The 12 Weeks to a New You Program is a complete fitness and nutrition program all sessions are one-on-one and performed in a private studio!

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12 Weeks to a New You Program Details.
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PI4L Program # Of Sessions sessions /week Hourly Rate
3 months 24 2 70.00
3 months
3 60.00

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"The 12 weeks to a new you program not only got us in the great shape for our wedding, it changed the way we live our daily lives, that is what we were looking for in a trainer and for our special day!"

Brook Finley, Summerlin Las Vegas


bobk"When I started this 12 week program I weighed 191 pounds. Just after one month on this program I am down to 178 pounds! Within 12 weeks I am down to 171! I even have had to go clothes shopping because I have lost so many inches and no longer fit into my old clothes. People have commented that I walk taller and look better.  I have noticed the development of muscle and strength that I haven’t had in many years. When I complete my program, with Marks encouragement and support I I will have the body I had over 30 years ago!"

Bob Keasler, Spring Valley, Las Vegas

"If I could show you a program that will do all of the above and more at just 3 sessions per week .....could you seriously afford not to look into it further?"

finallyscale.jpgImagine what you would be like, look like, feel like, in only 12 short weeks from now?
What would the new you be like?
Would you be wearing that pair of jeans that you have not been able to fit into in years? Would you have more energy to do the things that you enjoy most? Would you look sexy and amazing at your wedding? Would you wow everyone at your 20th, 30th, or 40th Class Reunion? Would you re-ignite the fire in your relationship?


TOMBEFREAFTER"I came to Mark because I had gained some weight after a divorce and I wanted to get back to the me that I was before. My confidence levels were down, and I really felt unattractive, and out of shape. The Meal plans and the online tools really helped make the program a no-brainer and easy to follow. The PerfectImage4Life 12 Weeks To A New You Program taught my family & I how to eat healthy and lead an active life! 12 weeks later I found myself again, I even found a new man! Goodbye fat and flabby, hello sexy lady!"

Melissa Longworth, Las Vegas

Personal Trainers, Las Vegas, NV 

PerfectImage4Life Private Fitness Training Las Vegas


"How exactly do you picture yourself now and what do you think you could accomplish in only 12 weeks?"

Customize Your Own 12 Week Program:
( based on your fitness level)
Have a question about your fitness level?
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12 week packages


marks picWhat can we accomplish together in 12 short weeks?

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he 12 Weeks To A New You Personal Training and Nutrition program consists of 3 months working side by side with Certified Personal Trainer Mark Lani for one hour private sessions 2-3 times per week in a private in-home training studio. Your program consists oflevels starting with level 1 CONDITION during the first month of your transformation. You will follow structured RDA meal plans during each of the three program levels guaranteed to accelerate your results. This accelerated 12 week fitness and nutrition program has been helping Las Vegas residents, just like you, get in the best shape possible, in the shortest amount of time,and now perhaps it's your turn! Is it your turn to finally get fit, get healthy, look and feel youthful & energetic and feel better than you have in years?

How do you know if you are a perfect candidate for The 12 weeks To a New You Program?

If your goals consist of losing weight by shedding unwanted hard to lose fat, tightening, toning, and shaping your body, building lean muscle that will fire up your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine. If you are looking for structure, guidance, and direction in the kitchen with the end result being long term weight management then look no futher the 12 Weeks To a New You personal training and nutrition program is exactly what you have been looking for! Work with Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Nutritionist Mark Lani and learn how to take your body to the next level! Read on to learn the complete details and if you should have any questions please call Mark Lani or send a text message to 801-833-9573 and I will be more than happy to get your questions answered!


“Personal Trainer In Las Vegas offers private personal training programs to Las Vegas residents in the Summerlin, Spring Valley and Las Vegas surrounding areas. through hid training program I have gone from wearing size XXL to MEDIUM!!! I am now 35 pounds lighter and I’ve gone from a size 38 waist to a 33/34. Who would have thought I would have ever fit into a Medium shirt ever again!! I'm wearing clothes from when I was in college! Jerrod L.” “Las Vegas Personal Trainer Mark Lani in my opinion is not just a Personal Trainer, but a guide and a mentor as well. Rich Ryan ” Within the first 30 days of training with Personal Trainer Mark Lani, I could really see my body transforming, I was getting stronger, leaner, and had more energy than I have had in years!” “His knowledge of nutrition has opened my eyes to what I put in my body. Also his instruction and training on analyzing food labels has assisted me in making better food choices!” “Las Vegas Personal Trainer Mark lani is a non intimidating teacher, mentor and through his training he actually cares about his clients and their results!” My life and body has been completely transformed by training with perfectimage4life personal training, all of my friends and colleagues cannot believe the new me! I never thought it was possible to look and feel this good in my 40's let alone in my 50's! Tom M.” “Las Vegas Personal Fitness Trainer Mark Lani kept everything upbeat and fast paced. Every session with him was a mix of different styles of training and precise exercises and nutritional information and with the addition of the diet meal plans and shopping list I was constantly seeing results. Las Vegas Personal Trainer Mark Lani has a fantastic personality, and while he motivates you, he never pushes it too far. B. Gibson, Las Vegas top personal training company offers The Total Body Makeover! This is the complete solution for someone who is serious about getting in shape and won't settle for anything but the best! based on levels & nutrition phases, diet meal plans, body building meal plans, and high protein meal plans are just part of this complete solution! NEW! Makeover Rewards Program!! Were located in summerlin las vegas not far from the las vegas strip and spring valley! 12 WEEK FITNESS PROGRAM details.... Look your best for your special event and wow everyone with your new sexy physique! circuit workouts, toning workouts, & diet meal plans for weight loss, are just part of this 12 week fitness solution! 3 sessions a week for 12 weeks! Gym consulting details...... Looking for an online fitness and nutrition personal trainer? How about one-session per week with a Las Vegas personal trainer Mark Lani including online workouts, weight loss meal plans and shopping lists, to follow while on your own? Read on to learn more about this complete and affordable solution to your fitness needs! Programs starting as low as $399 & $45 per session! Menu types : low fat meal plans, low carb meal plans, body building nutrition meal plans, lean body meal plans”
Getting Rid Of The C.R.A.P!
(12 Week Program summary)

Your 90 day transformation begins with a 3 day weight loss cleanse that is scientifically formulated to rid your body of C-R-A-P: referring to Caffeine, Refined Sugars, Alcohol, and Processed foods and prepare your body for weight loss. Your workouts will consist of private personal training sessions performed 3 days per week with a Certified Personal Trainer designed to get you in the best shape possible, in the shortest amount of time! While at home you will enjoy easily prepared meals plans through The PerfectMealPlans Software program available exclusively at Perfectimage4life fitness.

As a Certified Fitness Professional I strive to offer a total solution to health and fitness, incorporating fat blasting personal training sessions and complete nutrition into your daily routine. This combination, when put into action is guaranteed to turn your body into a fat burning machine that will literally melt away your unwanted body fat! Now ask yourself “what can I accomplish in 12 weeks with a personal trainer and nutritionist on my team?”  

Please take a moment to read what some of my past clients have experienced on the 12 Weeks To A New You Program!

My clients talk about their experiences on the program!

"I scheduled a vacation to Puerto Rico and had worked with Mark in the past. I needed a touch up before my big trip. I had 6 weeks to get in the best shape possible and he pulled it off once again! "

Gary O. Las Vegas NV


"Because of the 12 weeks to a new you program my body was tight and toned at my 20th class reunion. Everyone was saying how young and fit I look at age 39!"

Jessica G. Las Vegas NV

"The 12 weeks to a new you program not only got us in the great shape for our wedding, it changed the way we live our daily lives, that is what we were looking for in a trainer and for our special day!"

Brook & Tony Finley

marks picHello From Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Nutritionist Mark Lani.

I want to thank you for stopping by to take a look at my website and services! You caught me in my private studio working on my newest project for 2013. My studio is my home away from home. no, wait, My Studio is in my home. well lets just say its where I spend a lot of my time and it is where every level of my program is created, revamped, and modified.

I would like to set your mind at ease by sharing with you that my clients are regular people, just like you, that were sick of wasting time and energy and not seeing results. Each individual client decided it was time to face the facts that they could not do it on their own and it was time to stop flying by the seat of their pants and hire a professional ! It is truly amazing what you can accomplish when you are focused, and have the tools and right support system working for you!" Are you tired of guessing and not seeing results just like Bob and Melissa on the left of this page? Are you ready to make a change? Contact me today to get your questions answered!

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Learning How To Accomplish Specific Goals by Incorporating Resisitance Training!

marks pic
During this 12 week accelerated program you will learn the principles and secrets necessary to lose body fat, specifically how to lose your love handles, shrink your stomach fat, and how to lose lower belly fat and look and feel much better in just 90 days!
Essentially I am going to show you how to lose up to 25 pounds in 12 weeks by incorporating structured meal planning and proven strenth training routines aka. working out with weights and core strength workouts into your daily life.

The 12 Weeks To A New You program is designed to give you a tighter, toned physique at the same time I will teach you how to workout efficiently, develop healthy eating habits, and maintain your results long term! Read on below to learn more about the workouts featured in the 12 weeks to a new you progam!


The Workouts

Gaining Strength and Burning Fat

conditionDuring Level 1 CONDITIONING of your 12 week program you will start to build muscle and strength, become more flexible, and see yourself getting leaner.  Phase 1 of your Perfect Meal Plan getting your body prepared for the transformation ahead!

Toning and Shaping

toneLevel 2 TONE includes the core elements to getting the most out of your E4L workout. I will personally show you 4 secrets known only to a select group of fitness professionals, that will produce a long, lean, tone physique. You will notice more energy and how much stronger you are getting each week as others begin to notice the changes in you! Phase 1 of your Perfect Meal Plan designed to help you lose weight the safe way, while building muscle and strength and best of all seeing results from your efforts!

Building Lean Muscle With Free-Weights

RemodelIn Level 3 REMODEL everything changes. You have learned a lot over the last 2 levels of the 12 Weeks To a New You Program and It is now time to incorporate free-weight training into your workouts. You will follow Phase 2 of The Perfect Meal Plan designed to build lean muscle mass and burn body fat!

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Weight Loss Through, Meal Planning, and Maintenance!
(The Meal Plan Phases)

perfectmealhomeMonth 1-3 : Incorporating Meal Planning

It's time to burn fat by eating the right foods for your body type and your specific goals! No starving, no counting, just use my PerfectMealPlans online software and the easy to follow shopping list and eat what is on your meal plan. Its that simple. It doesn't get any easier than this! As you progress through the 12 weeks you will utilize 3 different meal plans designed for each month of workout sessions with your trainer, thats me!~

Click here to see your meal plan in action!

*Only $65 $60 Per one Hour Private Session for a limited time!
*3 days per week, for 12 weeks, 36 sessions required to take advantage of the $5 off per session!

So there you have it, a custom 12 week fitness program including structure, guidance, and direction with your meal planning! You will begin following easy to prepare meal plans complete with a detailed shopping lists that makes grocery shopping as easy as 1-2-3! All of your training sessions will be performed one-on-one in a private training studio specifically designed for this 12 week program! You can expect to lose fat, tighten and tone and shape your body, and get your metabolism working again like it did 10 years ago!

All that is left for you to do now is to get a hold of me and get on my schedule so we can start your transformation and get you working out, eating right and seeing consisitant results!


Call 801-833-9573 today or text

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I look forward to hearing from you,

"Remember this is not your average Personal Training Program that you can just find elsewhere. The 12 Weeks To a New You Program is one of a kind! You can easily pay 50-70 per session with a trainer at a gym without a meal plan, without a structured program and without the one on one attention that you deserve. I offer an actual complete program, not just a package of sessions and a standard workout!"

My clients see consistant an real results not only because they train in private but:

1. They are always introduced to new ways to challenge themselves!

2. They have structure in their day to day meal planning and have gained the knowledge andresources to maintain their results!

3. They start the program at their individual level and progress as they advance to the next level!

4. They work hard and have fun while becoming, stronger, leaner, more defined, and healthy!

Work with a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Weight Management Coach, and have access to a Registered Dietician and lets get you on the road to seeing results and loving your new Perfect image that you see in the mirror.


Call 801-833-9573 today or text

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Mark Lani CPT, CSN

PerfectImage4Life Total Body Fitness

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Weight Management Coach
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Las Vegas NV, 89117



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Have a general question about the 12 Weeks To A New You Program. email me here or simply Call 801-833-9573, please ask to speak with Mark!
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